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Nov 13th 2009  Simplicity, Purity and Openness Dieter Rams interviewed by Alex Coles in the Financial Times’ weekend “House and Home” section, where he briefly retraced his career, spoke of his relationship with his home and garden in Kronberg, Germany.  In the interview, he also shared what he himself mentionedsome of his favorite things: Music by Miles Davis and the Beatles, tending to his Japanese Maple Trees and Bonsai (pictured) with his favorite bonsai scissors, 3 volumes of Phaidon’s Design Classics, the paintings of CO Paeffgen and collages of Jan Schoonhoven, and a softspot for the original Vespa scooter which he owned as a young man.


Courtesy Uwe Noelke and the Financial Times

Nov 10 2009, The Man Who Shaped Our World, Rams interviewed by Tom Dyckoff of the Times ahead of the openning of his show in the UK.

Nov 18 2009 > Mar 14 2010: “Less and More – Design Ethos of Dieter Rams” will run at the Design Museum in London and is the first UK definitive retrospective of Dieter Rams’ career in over 12 years, showcasing landmark designs for both Braun and Vitsoe from the 1950s onward alongside archive film footage, models, sketches and prototypes. The exhibition was originally organized by Sutory Museum, Osaka and Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo and is supported by Vitsoe.

Nov 24 2008: To coincide with the V&A’s Cold War Modern exhibition, a fascinating look at creative efforts either side of the Iron Curtain during the infamous global standoff, which WALLPAPER covered back in September, they’ve taken a closer look at two of the show’s contributors, industrial designer (and occasional W* contributor) Dieter Rams and James Bond set designer Ken Adam.

See photos of the exhibition (before its open) here:ExhibitionLessandMore(pdf)

A short video interview (Courtesy the V&A) is very insightful.

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