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KF-33 Coffee maker

Braun produces many different coffee machines, from one cup makers to commercial machines. They vary in size from 1 cup to 12 cup makers. The coffee making machines of Braun are accented with colors of white, yellow, black, blue, red, white and stainless steel.

The KF series of coffee makers starting with the KF-20, is quite a success for Braun.  The KF-40 (1984) by Kartwig Kahlcke set the design tone for an inexpensive, functional yet beautiful daily object.  Indeed the KF-40 model alone had a global market share of 10.1 percent-and no less than 11.5 percent in the US in 1991, some seven years after it was launched, and these coffeemakers have been the subject of many business school classes on design, development and marketing.

In any case, I acquired a new KF-33 (nr. 4085) in 2008 which is made in Germany and a 10-cup maker but haven’t made any coffee using it yet !Braun KF-33 Coffee Maker


ABK 30 Wall clock

This is an earlier 1982 wall clock (Nr. 4861) by Dietrich Lubs


This is one of the earliest wallclocks (Quartz) that Braun made. The dial follows the simple functional design of Lubs / Rams as in the AB 20 alarm clock of 1975.  The simple clear acrylic adjustment knob is conveniently located on the front of the clock face so one does not have to remove the clock from the wall to change the time.  It is powered by a single AA battery located in the back of the clock and its without a cover, again a functional element following Rams’ philosophy of Form follows Function.

The above picture is of ABW31 (NR.4839, 1981) whereas my ABK 30 (NR. 4861) below is in silver.


Acquired Oct 2008 (eb:75) from Germany.
The ABW-31 is no longer made but occassionally still available for retail sale, recently seen at the Design Museum in the UK for about £40 (while supplies last).


AW-22 Watch

All Braun watches are quartz.

Watches by Braun started with the DW20 (1977) by Rams / Lubs, which although clean in design, cannot be said to be beautiful.  The AB20 by Rams / Lubs set the basic design for subsequent clocks and watches from Braun, and the first quartz analog AW10 was by Lubs in 1989 (Nr.4789).

The AW-22 (Nr.3812) is a fairly recent model by Peter Hartwein, following in the tradition of Rams / Lubs.


Acquired (new and black, as in picture above) 10/08 [E-110] from Germany.p1040028

I have received many requests for folks interested in buying Braun watches.  Best is to try to contact Hans Peter-Brugger of timedesign-de to see if he has anything in stock.  These occassionally pop up on Ebay, but not often enough.  Good luck !


HL-1 Desk Fan

Reinhold Weiss (b.1934)img_00021

Precedes HL-70 of 1971

Plastic and steel casing, 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 x 2 3/4″ (14 x 14 x 7 cm). Manufactured by Braun AG, Frankfurt, Germany



Part of the MOMA design collection

Comes in various colors.

Acquired (white, as in picture below) 10/08 [EB-100]



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